Jandus Road Display Font Free Download | Premium and High Quality PSD files for Free Download.
Premium and High Quality PSD files for Free Download.
Jandus Road Display Font

Jandus Road Display Font Free Download

Jandus Road Display Font is a display typeface that has been modified from a type style that many of us might recognise but can’t quite place. We all deal with this style every day without giving it a second thought. What about the class? American Highway typefaces. As a matter of fact, traffic control systems and signage necessitate a distinct family of typefaces.

Jandus Road Display Font is an elegant spin on the classic Highway typeface that features elevated counters, slanted leg elements, slightly varied widths, and rounded corners for a touch of antique flair. A lovely synthesis of mid-century style with maximum legibility.

Make a striking typographic statement using twelve distinct fonts. Apt for branding and packaging initiatives seeking to make a strong statement with a throwback vibe.

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Jandus Road Display Font 2


comprised of

twelve distinct font styles

Standard Anterior Perspective (with a 3D effect)
3D impact of oblique depth
Compact Condensed Anterior
3D effect of Condensed Depth
Enhanced Three-Dimensional Perspective
3-D effect, Extended, Extended oblique, Depth, and Extended.

The past

In an effort to standardise the type used on highway signage, the United States Government created Highway Gothic in the 1940s. Due to the growing illegibility of hand-painted road signs caused by quicker vehicles, this standardisation was necessary. Highway Gothic was created with clear personalities, big open counters, and little thick-to-thin contrast. Easily readable at high speeds on the highway.

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