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Navigator Pixel Art Font

Navigator Pixel Art Font Free Download

As a screen-friendly, readable text typeface, Navigator Pixel Art Font is ideal for usage in menus and other online navigation systems. Originally created for use in low-resolution web graphics or Flash animated menus, it dates back to a time when web designers were attempting to improve the usability and design of the internet and web fonts weren’t yet a thing.

Using what was discovered while making SB Liquid, Navigator Pixel Art Font works well as a text typeface as well, maintaining strong legibility at small sizes. It performs best at 10px but is equally at home at 20px.

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Thanks to its legible letterforms, this typeface serves as a flexible substitute for the industry-standard LCD font, which SB Liquid is based on. It would also look great on an electronic display. A rounded pixel version is also available in the family, making it suitable for usage as a headline typeface on high-DPI displays.

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